6 Best Pellet Grills Under 500 (Tested) 2023

Well, you’re in luck because today we’re diving into the world of pellet grills under $500, where affordability and flavor-packed feasts collide. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or just getting started on your grilling journey, these budget-friendly pellet grills are here to turn your backyard into a sizzling paradise.

So grab a seat, fire up your appetite, and let’s explore the top contenders in the affordable pellet grill arena. Get ready to discover the ultimate combination of value, versatility, and mouthwatering results that will have you flipping patties, searing steaks, and smoking ribs like a true grilling maestro. It’s time to get smokin’!

At a Glance:

6 Best Pellet Grills Under 500

DesignSmoker GrillRetailer
Best Pick1. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill Smoker
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2. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet GrillA 
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Staff Pick3.  Traeger Pellet Grills  22S Iron
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4. PIT BOSS 73700 Grill Cover for 700FB Wood Pellet Grills
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Budget Pick5. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense MateA
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6. Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood Pellet BBQ GrillA
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1. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill Smoker

Best Pick
Cooking Area450 square inches
Hopper Capacity15 pounds
Temperature Range180°F – 450°F
BTU Output25,000
Grill MaterialPorcelain-coated cast iron
Dimensions48.5″ x 44.5″ x 22.5″
Weight84 pounds

First off, the cooking area of 450 square inches provides ample space to grill up a storm. Whether I’m hosting a backyard barbecue or simply enjoying a quiet dinner with my family, this grill accommodates it all. Plus, the hopper capacity of 15 pounds ensures that I can smoke and grill without constant refills.

One of the standout features of the ZPG-450A is its temperature range. With a range from 180°F to 450°F, I have complete control over the heat, allowing me to sear steaks to perfection or slow-smoke ribs for that fall-off-the-bone tenderness. Consistent temperature regulation is a real game-changer when it comes to achieving that mouthwatering flavor.

The build quality of this grill is top-notch, with a porcelain-coated cast iron grill that not only distributes heat evenly but also ensures easy cleaning. It’s sturdy and built to last, which is something I truly appreciate in a grill.

Now, let’s talk about balance. The ZPG-450A strikes the perfect balance between functionality and affordability. It offers features that you would typically find in higher-priced models, making it an incredible value for your money. I’ve compared it to other grills in its price range, and trust me, this one stands out from the crowd.


  • Ample cooking area for versatile grilling options
  • Wide temperature range for precise heat control
  • Excellent build quality and durability
  • Great value for the price


  • The hopper capacity may require occasional refills during longer smoking sessions
  • Some users have reported minor inconsistencies in temperature regulation

2. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet GrillA 

Cooking Area570 square inches
Hopper Capacity18 pounds
Temperature Range160°F to 500°F
Grill MaterialStainless steel
Weight140 pounds
Dimensions46 x 25 x 22 inches

This grill offers a spacious cooking area of 570 square inches, providing ample space to grill, smoke, or bake your favorite dishes to perfection. Whether you’re hosting a family barbecue or craving some juicy burgers for yourself, this grill has got you covered.

One of the standout features of the SmokePro DLX is its digital temperature control, which allows you to set your desired cooking temperature with ease. From low-and-slow smoking sessions at 160°F to searing steaks at a sizzling 500°F, this grill offers a wide temperature range to suit any culinary adventure.

Thanks to the 18-pound hopper capacity, you can forget about constant pellet refills. Simply load up your favorite hardwood pellets, and the grill’s automatic auger system will ensure a consistent and steady supply of fuel, so you can focus on perfecting your recipes without interruptions.

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX is built to impress, with its durable stainless steel construction and solid craftsmanship. It not only looks sleek and professional but also stands the test of time, even with frequent use and exposure to the elements.

Now, let’s talk about balance. This grill strikes an excellent balance between performance and convenience. It features a patented ash cleanout system, making the cleaning process a breeze. Plus, with its included meat probe, you can easily monitor the internal temperature of your dishes, ensuring they reach the ideal doneness every time


  • Ample cooking area for versatile grilling options.
  • Digital temperature control for precise cooking.
  • Automatic pellet feeder for uninterrupted grilling sessions.
  • Durable stainless steel construction for long-lasting use.
  • Patented ash cleanout system for easy maintenance.
  • Included meat probe for accurate temperature monitoring.


  • The grill’s weight may make it less portable for some users.
  • Some users have reported minor inconsistencies in temperature control.

3. Traeger Pellet Grills 22S Iron

Staff Pick
ModelBAC366 10525 22S Iron
Cooking Capacity418 square inches
Hopper Capacity10 pounds
Temperature Range180°F to 450°F
Grill MaterialPorcelain-coated steel
Auger SystemAuto-start and shutdown
ControllerDigital Pro Controller
Pellet Usage1 pound per hour on average
Weight103 pounds
Dimensions49 x 43 x 22 inches

First things first, the cooking capacity of 418 square inches provides ample space to grill up a feast for family and friends. Whether it’s juicy burgers, tender ribs, or flavorful vegetables, this grill can handle it all. Plus, the porcelain-coated steel construction ensures durability and even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked meals every time.

The digital Pro Controller is an absolute joy to use. It allows precise temperature control within the range of 180°F to 450°F, giving you the flexibility to smoke, bake, roast, or grill your favorite dishes to perfection. The auto-start and shutdown auger system makes firing up and shutting down the grill effortless, saving you time and hassle.

One of the standout features of this Traeger grill is its hopper capacity of 10 pounds. This means fewer refills during long smoking sessions, allowing you to focus more on the grilling experience and less on pellet management. Speaking of pellets, the grill’s efficient design uses approximately 1 pound per hour on average, making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Now, let’s talk about the balance this grill strikes. It combines the convenience and ease of use of a pellet grill with the versatility and flavors of a traditional charcoal grill. The wood-fired taste it imparts to the food is simply outstanding. Whether you’re craving the rich smokiness of a slow-cooked brisket or the charred goodness of a perfectly seared steak, the Traeger Pellet Grills BAC366 10525 22S Iron delivers in spades.


  • Ample cooking capacity for large gatherings
  • Precise temperature control with the digital Pro Controller
  • Durable construction and even heat distribution
  • Convenient hopper capacity reduces the need for frequent refills
  • Versatility to smoke, bake, roast, or grill a wide range of dishes
  • Imparts delicious wood-fired flavors to the food


  • The grill’s weight might make it less portable for some users
  • Limited temperature range compared to higher-end models

4. PIT BOSS 73700 Grill Cover for 700FB Wood Pellet Grills

CompatibilityPIT BOSS 700FB Wood Pellet Grills
MaterialHeavy-duty polyester
Dimensions53″ x 25″ x 50″
Weather ResistanceWater-resistant and UV protected
ClosureDrawstring and buckle for a secure fit
Extra FeaturesCustom-fit design, Pit Boss logo

One of the standout features of this grill cover is its heavy-duty polyester construction. Crafted with durability in mind, this cover is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Whether it’s scorching summer heat or torrential rain, this cover’s water-resistant properties shield your grill from moisture, keeping it dry and protected.

UV protection is another highlight of this cover. The harsh rays of the sun can wreak havoc on your grill’s appearance over time, causing fading and discoloration. With the PIT BOSS 73700 Grill Cover, you can bid farewell to sun-induced damage. The UV protection ensures that your grill’s vibrant color stays intact, even after countless grilling sessions.

Putting on and taking off the cover is a breeze, thanks to the convenient drawstring and buckle closure system. This ensures a snug fit, preventing the cover from being blown away during windy days. Plus, the cover proudly features the iconic Pit Boss logo, adding a touch of style to your grilling setup.


  • Custom-fit design specifically made for the PIT BOSS 700FB Wood Pellet Grill.
  • Heavy-duty polyester construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Water-resistant material keeps your grill dry and protected.
  • UV protection prevents fading and discoloration from sun exposure.
  • Easy-to-use drawstring and buckle closure system for a secure fit.
  • The stylish Pit Boss logo adds aesthetic appeal.


  • Limited compatibility with other grill models.
  • Some users may prefer additional features like built-in storage pockets.

5. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense MateA

Budget Pick
Cooking Area219 square inches
Hopper Capacity9 pounds
Temperature Range150°F to 550°F
Power SourceElectric
Wi-Fi EnabledYes
PortabilityLightweight and portable
Warranty2-year limited

One of the standout features of this grill is its compact size and portability. Weighing in at just 57 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to be easily transported to your favorite outdoor destinations. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or having a backyard cookout, this grill is ready to tag along.

But don’t let its size fool you— this little grill packs a punch. With a cooking area of 219 square inches, it offers ample space to grill burgers, smoke ribs, or even bake a pizza. The versatility is truly remarkable.

The Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate doesn’t just rely on traditional grilling methods; it’s equipped with advanced technology as well. The built-in Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to control and monitor the grill from your smartphone using the Green Mountain app. You can adjust the temperature, set timers, and receive alerts, all without having to leave your chair. It’s like having your own personal grill assistant!

Speaking of temperature, this grill offers a wide range from 150°F to 550°F, giving you the flexibility to sear, smoke, or slow cook your favorite dishes with precision. The Sense Mate feature ensures accurate temperature readings, so you can have full confidence in the consistency of your cooking.


  • Portability: Lightweight and easy to transport for outdoor adventures.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: Control and monitor the grill from your smartphone for convenience.
  • Versatility: Ample cooking space and a wide temperature range for various cooking styles.
  • Sense-Mate Technology: Accurate temperature readings for consistent results.
  • Durable Construction: Well-built and designed to last


  • Cooking Capacity: The cooking area may be limited for larger gatherings.
  • Power Source: It requires access to electricity, limiting its use in remote areas without power.

6. Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood Pellet BBQ GrillA

Cooking Area450 square inches
Hopper Capacity15 pounds
Temperature Range180°F – 500°F
Grill MaterialStainless Steel
Pellet TypeAll-natural wood pellets
IgnitionElectronic ignition
Weight103 pounds
Warranty3 years

One of the standout features of the CPG-4000 is its ample cooking area. With 450 square inches of space, it provides enough room to grill up a feast for family and friends. Whether I’m searing steaks, smoking ribs, or grilling burgers, I never have to worry about running out of space.

The hopper capacity of 15 pounds is another notable feature. It allows for extended cooking sessions without the need for constant pellet refills. Plus, the all-natural wood pellets add a distinctive smoky flavor that enhances the taste of every dish.

Controlling the temperature is a breeze with the Cuisinart CPG-4000. The grill offers a wide temperature range from 180°F to 500°F, allowing me to achieve the perfect heat for any grilling technique. The electronic ignition ensures a quick and hassle-free start-up, getting me grilling in no time.

Durability is not compromised with this grill. The stainless steel construction ensures longevity, even in outdoor environments. It can withstand the elements, making it a reliable companion for years to come.


  • Ample cooking area for large gatherings
  • Generous hopper capacity minimizes pellet refills
  • Wide temperature range for versatile cooking options
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind


  • The grill is relatively heavy, which may make it less portable compared to other models
  • The assembly process can be a bit time-consuming


In conclusion, finding the best pellet grill under $500 doesn’t mean compromising on quality or flavor. The options available in this price range offer incredible value and performance, allowing you to unleash your inner grilling maestro without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a barbecue enthusiast or a weekend grilling warrior, these affordable pellet grills deliver the perfect balance of functionality, durability, and mouthwatering results. From ample cooking areas to precise temperature control, these grills have you covered for a wide range of cooking techniques. So, fire up the grill, gather your friends and family, and get ready to embark on a smoky and flavorful adventure right in your own backyard. Happy grilling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any type of wood pellets in a pellet grill?

Yes, most pellet grills can use a variety of all-natural wood pellets, allowing you to experiment with different flavors. Just make sure the pellets are compatible with your specific grill model

How often do I need to clean the ash from the grill?

It depends on your grilling frequency, but as a general guideline, it’s recommended to clean the ash after every 5-10 uses. However, some grills have ash cleanout systems that make the process quick and easy.

What is the difference between a digital controller and a PID controller?

A digital controller allows you to set and monitor the temperature digitally, while a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller offers more precise temperature control by continuously adjusting the pellet feed rate to maintain the desired temperature

How long can a pellet grill maintain a consistent temperature?

The duration depends on factors like ambient temperature, pellet type, and grill size. On average, pellet grills under $500 can maintain a consistent temperature for around 8-12 hours before requiring a pellet refill.

Can I sear meat on a pellet grill?

Yes, some pellet grills offer a higher temperature range that allows for searing. However, it’s important to note that pellet grills may not achieve the same searing capabilities as traditional grills. Consider using additional accessories like grill grates or cast-iron skillets for optimal searing results

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