8 Best Wood for Smoking Chicken

If you’ve ever tasted the mouthwatering delight of perfectly smoked chicken, you know that the choice of wood plays a significant role in infusing that irresistible flavor. As you embark on your culinary journey, searching for the best wood for smoking chicken, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore the magic of wood flavors, unlocking the secrets to achieving chicken-smoking perfection. Let’s fire up those grills and delve into the world of delectable smoky goodness!

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8 Best Wood for Smoking Chicken

Best Pick1. Oklahoma Joe's Apple Wood Smoker Chips, 2-Pound Bag
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2. Oklahoma Joe's Wood Smoker Chunks Hickory
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Staff Pick3. Oklahoma Joe's Wood Smoker Chunks  Mesquite
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4. Weber Cherry Wood Chips, for Grilling and Smoking
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Budget Pick5. Traeger Grills Pecan Wood Pellets for Smokers and Grills
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6. Maple Wood Chunks for Smoking and Grilling
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7. GrillPro 00250 Alder Wood Chips, Brown
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8. Oklahoma Joe's Cherry Wood Smoker Chips
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1. Oklahoma Joe’s Apple Wood Smoker Chips, 2-Pound Bag

Best Pick
BrandOklahoma Joe’s
Wood TypeApple
Size2 pounds
Suitable forSmokers, grills, and outdoor cooking

Oklahoma Joe’s Apple Wood Smoker Chips are a game-changer for my outdoor cooking adventures! These smoker chips are specially crafted from apple wood, providing a unique and delightful flavor to your grilled or smoked dishes.

One of the standout features of these smoker chips is their high-quality wood. The apple wood imparts a sweet and mildly fruity aroma that perfectly complements various types of meat, including pork, poultry, and fish. It adds an extra layer of complexity to the taste profile without overpowering the natural flavors.

What I particularly appreciate about Oklahoma Joe’s Apple Wood Smoker Chips is their consistency in delivering consistent smoke production. They burn evenly and produce a steady stream of flavorful smoke throughout the grilling process. This ensures that your food gets infused with that distinct apple wood smokiness from start to finish.

The size and weight of this package are also worth mentioning. With approximately 2 pounds (0.91 kg) of smoker chips included, you’ll have enough supply to last through multiple grilling sessions without worrying about running out too soon.


  • Rich and pleasant apple wood flavor
  • Consistent smoke production
  • Suitable for various types of meat
  • Generous amount in each package


  • May require soaking before use for longer smoking sessions

2. Oklahoma Joe’s Wood Smoker Chunks Hickory

BrandOklahoma Joe’s
Wood TypeHickory
Weight8 lbs (approx.)
Size of ChunksVaries

Oklahoma Joe’s Wood Smoker Chunks in the Hickory flavor Each bag weighs around 8 pounds, providing plenty of wood chunks to keep your smoker going for multiple cookouts. The size of the fragments may vary, but that adds to the charm as you get a mix of small and medium-sized pieces perfect for maintaining consistent smoke levels.

Now onto the features that really impressed me. The quality of these hickory wood chunks is exceptional. They are dense and packed with natural flavors that infuse into your meats flawlessly. Whether I’m smoking ribs or brisket, these chunks deliver a rich, robust, smoky taste that elevates every bite.

One thing I appreciate about Oklahoma Joe’s Wood Smoker Chunks is their versatility. They work well with various smokers and grills, allowing you to enjoy delicious smoked dishes regardless of your equipment setup.

The burn time is another aspect worth mentioning. These hickory wood chunks have an impressive burn rate; they last long enough to maintain steady heat throughout your cooking process without needing constant replenishment.


  • Provides ample amount (8 lbs) for multiple cookouts
  • Offers a mix of chunk sizes for consistent smoke levels
  • Delivers exceptional hickory flavor
  • Versatile compatibility with different smokers/grills
  • Impressive burn time


  • Some smaller pieces might burn faster than larger ones
  • Occasional variations in chunk sizes may require adjustments for consistent heat

3. Oklahoma Joe’s Wood Smoker Chunks  Mesquite

Staff Pick
Wood TypeMesquite
Weight20 lbs
Chunk SizeVaries (approximately 2-5 inches)
Ideal forSmoking meats and vegetables

Oklahoma Joe’s chunks were of varying sizes, ranging from around 2 to 5 inches, which provided versatility when controlling smoke intensity.

When using these mesquite wood smoker chunks on my grill or smoker, they delivered a robust smoky flavor that was beautifully infused into every bite. Whether I was smoking ribs, chicken wings, or even grilling vegetables like peppers and corn-on-the-cob, the mesquite essence added a delightful depth of taste.

One feature worth highlighting is how long-lasting these wood chunks are. With a weight of 20 pounds per bag, you can expect plenty of cookouts before needing to restock. This generous quantity ensures consistent flavor throughout multiple sessions without compromising on quality.

Another aspect that sets Oklahoma Joe’s apart is their commitment to sourcing high-quality wood. These mesquite chunks are made from natural hardwood with no additives or chemicals—a crucial consideration for those who prioritize clean and authentic flavors in their cooking.


  • Intense smoky flavor enhances grilled dishes
  • Varying chunk sizes provide control over smoke intensity
  • Long-lasting supply with each bag weighing 20 pounds
  • Made from natural hardwood with no additives or chemicals


  • Mesquite flavor may be too strong for those who prefer milder smoke profiles
  • Large chunk sizes may require additional effort to fit into smaller grills or smokers

4. Weber Cherry Wood Chips, for Grilling and Smoking

TypeWood Chips
Wood VarietyCherry
Weight2 pounds (approx. 907 grams)
SizeSmall to medium-sized wood chips
Recommended UseGrilling, smoking

Weber Cherry Wood Chips for grilling and smoking are used in these chips. The aroma is simply delightful – a perfect blend of mild sweetness with fruity undertones. It creates an inviting atmosphere around the grill and infuses every bite with a unique taste sensation.

The size of the bag is generous at 2.25 pounds (1 kilogram), ensuring you have enough wood chips to last through multiple grilling sessions without running out too soon. The packaging itself is sturdy and resealable, keeping the wood chips fresh for future use.

When it comes to usability, these cherry wood chips are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re using them on a gas grill or charcoal smoker, they ignite easily and produce consistent smoke throughout cooking. They also burn evenly, allowing for controlled temperature regulation while imparting that distinct smoky flavor we all crave.

What sets these Weber Cherry Wood Chips apart from others on the market is their balance between intensity and subtlety. The mildness ensures that even those who prefer milder flavors will enjoy their meals without overpowering their palate. At the same time, there’s enough complexity in each chip to enhance savory meats like pork ribs or chicken breasts beautifully.


  • Delightful sweet and fruity aroma
  • Generous quantity for multiple uses
  • Versatile usage on gas grills or charcoal smokers
  • Balanced flavor profile for a wide range of palates


  • May require soaking before use, depending on personal preference and desired smoke intensity
  • Some may find the price slightly higher compared to other wood chip brands

5. Traeger Grills Pecan Wood Pellets for Smokers and Grills

Budget Pick
Wood TypePecan
Weight20 lbs
Burn TimeUp to 6 hours per pound
Pellet Size1/4 inch diameter
Moisture ContentLess than 6%
Heat OutputConsistent and even heat

Traeger Grills Pecan All-Natural Wood Pellets have undoubtedly become my go-to choice when it comes to adding a distinct smoky flavor to my grilled masterpieces.

One of the standout features of these pellets is their exceptional quality. Made from all-natural pecan wood, they ensure an authentic and robust smokiness that perfectly complements various types of meat, including beef, pork, chicken, and even fish. The rich aroma that fills the air while cooking is simply mouthwatering.

What truly sets these pellets apart is their consistent heat output. With each pellet being precisely cut to a quarter-inch diameter, they feed smoothly into the grill’s auger system without any jamming issues or temperature fluctuations. This consistency allows me to achieve perfect results every time I fire up my smoker or grill.

I also appreciate how long-lasting these pellets are. With a burn time of up to 6 hours per pound – yes, you read that right! – I can enjoy extended cook times without constantly refilling the hopper. This feature is especially handy during slow and low-smoking sessions, where maintaining a steady temperature for hours is crucial.

In terms of moisture content, the Traeger Grills Pecan Wood Pellets truly shine. With less than 6% moisture, they ignite quickly and produce minimal ash residue, making cleanup a breeze.


  • Intense pecan flavor adds depth to grilled dishes
  • Consistent heat output ensures even cooking
  • Long burn time reduces the need for frequent pellet refills
  • Low moisture content ignites easily with minimal ash production


  • Slightly higher price point compared to other wood pellet brands

6. Maple Wood Chunks for Smoking and Grilling

Wood TypeMaple
Weight10 lbs (4.5 kg)
PackagingResealable Bag
UsageSmoking, Grilling

Maple wood chunks are known for their versatility and ability to infuse a rich, smoky flavor into various meats, vegetables, and even cheeses. What sets them apart is the perfect balance they strike between providing robust flavor without overpowering the natural taste of your chosen ingredients.

One notable feature of maple wood chunks is their size availability. Whether you need small chips for quick grilling or larger pieces for longer smoking sessions, there are options to suit every cooking preference. The resealable packaging ensures that the remaining wood chunks stay fresh until your next barbecuing adventure.

When it comes to performance on the grill or smoker, maple wood truly shines. It burns evenly and steadily, allowing for consistent heat distribution throughout your cooking process. This reliable burn also helps create a beautiful caramelized crust on meats while imparting a subtle sweetness that complements a range of dishes.


  • Versatile size options cater to different needs
  • Balanced smoke flavor enhances rather than overpowers food
  • Even burn promotes consistent heat distribution
  • Subtle sweet undertones elevate various grilled or smoked creations


  • Availability may vary based on location; online ordering might be required in some cases

7. GrillPro 00250 Alder Wood Chips, Brown

Product NameGrill Pro 00250 Alder Wood Chips Brown
BrandGrill Pro
MaterialAlder Wood
Weight2 pounds

Alder wood chips are their exceptional quality. Made from genuine alder wood, they provide a distinct smoky flavor that elevates grilled dishes to perfection. Whether you’re cooking fish, poultry, or even vegetables, these wood chips infuse your food with a delightful aroma and taste.

Another aspect worth mentioning is how easy it is to use these wood chips. Simply soak them in water for about half an hour before placing them on your grill’s hot coals or inside a smoker box. The moisture-rich chips produce steady smoke throughout the cooking process, ensuring consistent flavor infusion into every bite.

What impressed me most about the Grill Pro 00250 Alder Wood Chips was their ability to strike a perfect balance between intensity and subtlety in terms of smokiness. They deliver just enough smoky essence without overpowering the natural flavors of your ingredients. This balance allows you to showcase your culinary skills while adding that irresistible hint of smokiness loved by all BBQ enthusiasts.


  • High-quality alder wood for authentic flavor
  • Easy to use; simply soak and place on hot coals or use with smoker boxes
  • Delivers balanced smokiness that enhances the natural flavors of food


  • Some users may prefer a stronger smoky flavor
  • The 2-pound weight might not be sufficient for large-scale grilling events

8. Oklahoma Joe’s Cherry Wood Smoker Chips

BrandOklahoma Joe’s
TypeSmoker Chips
Wood FlavorCherry
Weight2 pounds
Size of ChipsMedium-sized, approximately 1-2 inches

Oklahoma Joe’s Cherry Wood Smoker Chips flavor offered by Oklahoma Joe’s is truly exceptional. It brings a subtle yet distinct fruity aroma and imparts a slightly sweet taste to the food.

One aspect that impressed me was the quality and consistency of these smoker chips. Each chip is medium-sized, measuring around 1-2 inches in length, which allows for even distribution throughout the smoking process. With a weight of 2 pounds per package, you have an ample supply to last multiple smoking sessions.

What sets these cherry wood chips apart is their ability to provide balanced smoke intensity. They produce just the right amount of smoke without overpowering the natural flavors of your ingredients. Whether you’re smoking poultry, pork ribs, or even vegetables like portobello mushrooms, this balanced smokiness adds depth and complexity to every bite.


  • Delivers a delightful fruity aroma and subtle sweetness
  • Consistent medium-sized chips ensure uniform smoke dispersion
  • Provides balanced smoke intensity for optimal flavor enhancement


  • Some users may prefer larger-sized chunks for longer smoking sessions
  • The bag could benefit from more secure packaging to prevent any potential spills during delivery

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Wood for Smoking Chicken

As an expert in the art of smoking chicken, I understand the importance of selecting the right wood to achieve that perfect balance of flavors. The type of wood you choose can greatly enhance or overpower the taste of your smoked chicken. In this buying guide, I’ll walk you through important factors to consider when choosing wood and recommend a couple of top options.

  1. Flavor Profile: Different woods impart distinct flavors to smoked meats. For chicken, milder woods like fruitwoods (apple, cherry) or hardwoods (oak, maple) work well as they complement rather than overpower their delicate flavor.
  2. Moisture Content: Opt for seasoned or kiln-dried wood with low moisture content. Wet or green wood will produce excessive smoke and a bitter taste.
  3. Availability: Consider local availability and accessibility of different types of wood in your area. This ensures convenience and potentially reduces costs associated with shipping exotic varieties.
  4. Compatibility with Smoker Type: Ensure compatibility between your smoker’s design (offset, pellet, electric) and the size/shape requirements for adding wood chips/chunks/logs during smoking sessions.
  5. Allergies/Sensitivities: Take into account any potential allergies or sensitivities among those who will be enjoying the smoked chicken so as not to select a wood that may cause adverse reactions.

6 . Recommended Options:

Remember to experiment with different combinations based on personal preferences until you find your favorite blend!

Avoid These Woods: Stay away from softwoods like pine or cedar as they contain high resin content which imparts unpleasant flavors when burned.
Quality Assurance: Purchase wood from reputable suppliers to ensure quality, consistency, and the absence of chemicals or additives that may affect flavor.
Storage: Properly store your wood in a dry and well-ventilated area to prevent mold or rot. Consider using airtight containers or bags to maintain freshness.
Start Small: When trying out new woods, start with smaller quantities until you’re confident about their flavor profile and how they complement your smoking technique.

By considering these factors and recommendations, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best wood for smoking chicken that suits your taste preferences. Happy smoking!


In conclusion, when it comes to smoking chicken, choosing the right wood can make all the difference in flavor and aroma. Whether you prefer a mild, fruity taste or a stronger, smoky profile, there are various options available. Experimenting with different woods like applewood, cherrywood, or hickory can add that extra touch of deliciousness to your smoked chicken dishes. Remember to consider the intensity of flavor you desire and pair it accordingly with your favorite seasoning and marinades. So fire up that smoker, grab some quality wood chips or chunks, and get ready to enjoy tender and flavorful smoked chicken like never before! Happy smoking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any type of wood for smoking chicken?

While you can experiment with different types of wood, some are better suited for smoking chicken than others. Optimal choices include fruitwoods like apple or cherry, as well as mild hardwoods like pecan or oak.

How does the choice of wood affect the flavor of smoked chicken?

Different woods impart distinct flavors to the meat. Fruitwoods tend to give a sweet and subtle taste, while hardwoods offer a richer and more robust flavor profile. It’s important to choose a wood that enhances rather than overwhelms the natural taste of chicken.

Is it necessary to soak the wood before smoking chicken?

Soaking wood chips is a common practice among smokers, but it’s not mandatory. Soaked chips produce more smoke and can prolong cooking time slightly, while dry chips may burn faster but still provide adequate smokiness.

Can I mix different types of wood when smoking chicken?

Absolutely! Combining complementary woods can add complexity to your smoked chicken’s flavor profile. Experiment with combinations like apple and hickory or cherry and maple to find unique taste combinations that suit your preferences.

How long should I smoke my chicken using wood chips?

The duration depends on various factors such as temperature, size of the bird, desired level of smokiness, etc. As a general guideline, plan for about 1-2 hours at an average temperature (225-250°F) when using smaller cuts like wings or drumsticks, whereas whole chickens may require 3-4 hours until reaching safe internal temperatures around 165°F.

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